82invest is a platform that works with the aim of providing high quality wealth management to every customer. With our quality and sophisticated services, we have been awarded as the topmost investment platforms in the country and we are now a family of millions of active inventors from around the globe.  

Our Aim

We thrive to democratize the wealth management for every individual. With our team of hundreds of professionals, we ensure that our every customer gets help and support in managing their global investment portfolios.

Why Choose Us?

The reason why we are the most popular service providers is because we enable the investors to choose from all kinds of businesses and platforms, from bigger industries to local one and from crypto currency to equity and shares. We are the best fit for the investors who are looking for growth-focused investment agency. 

Our services

We enable our customers in reaching their financial goals with best investment plans as well as an allotted expert in your support. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from $10 or $10,000; we provide our best assistance and services to boost your savings and getting greater returns on your investment. We always keep our service charges and other required costs as low as you can think of, so that it would hardly affect your invested cost.

With the advancements in technology, we have also incorporated the latest technology for the convenience of our customers. You can visit and manage your portfolio either from our website or you can also download our mobile app. You can easily create your portfolio on our website or mobile app. Just decide how much you want to invest and the level of risk you can bear, pick the style of investment and leave the rest of the work on our experts.